Welcome to my Photography blog! My passion for photography goes back my days in engineering school when I took photography classes as an elective. Photography offered a great outlet for my creative side in stark contrast to the structured and analytic nature of engineering. I have worked for The Boeing Company since 1988 as an engineer. Photography (and custom furniture design and build) have provided me with with my much needed creative outlet all along. Writing (as in this blog) offers me yet another dimension of creativity.

For 2 years I was involved with the Northwest Center for Photography as an instructor teaching Lightroom and outdoor photography workshops. I now teach Lightroom (in-class or private) and photography workshops through Kerber Creations LLC.

I have been a member of the Portland Vancouver Photography Meetup Group since 2009 having served as an assistant organizer before becoming the Organizer for the group in 2012.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this blog, but more importantly  I hope you get something useful out if it.



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  1. I also subscribe to the LR Linkiden group… on a whim followed you link… small world.. i live in bend and also quite interested in images from the Pacific NW… nice meeting you

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